No Fees, No-Gimmicks Protection.  Just Simple Terms & Conditions

Sound too good to be true?  Backed4Life™ is the most comprehensive coverage available for refurbished products in the marketplace today.

1) Purchase any Backed4Life™ product from any of our leading reseller Partners.

2) Register your product for a lifetime at within 30 days of purchase and that’s it, you’re covered.  In the event of a covered failure, ship it back to us and we will take care of it!


Backed4LifeTM LIFETIME WARRANTY includes:

  • First 3 years covers parts and labor. Customer must pay freight to PlanITROI and PlanITROI will return the repair or replacement unit free of charge to the customer.
  • 4th Year and for lifetime of ownership all labor only is covered. Customer must pay for any parts and freight to PlanITROI for repair or replacement.
  • First 12 months coverage for the battery.

Backed4LifeTM LIFETIME WARRANTY Technical Support (online and phone):

  • Lifetime of free online and toll-free phone technical support on hardware issues; limited to 60 minutes per unit.
  • Additional minutes can be purchased in increments of 30 minutes for $30.00.

Backed4LifeTM Genuine Microsoft Pre-Installed Windows 7 Pro and Office

  • Microsoft Office 365 is pre-installed with a 30 day free trial.
  • Customer has the option to purchase the activation key from the reseller Partner who sold the Backed4Life ™ product.

Protection From Normal Everyday Use

Just register your Backed4Life™ product, the program is free, covering your device and providing you peace of mind. See a complete list of coverage here.

Backed4LifeTM Product CoverageiPadsTabletsNotebooks/
All In One
All Mechanical or Electrical FailuresProduct won’t start, or
simply “won’t work?”
We have you covered.
Display FailureDisplay failure or flaws? Covered!
Antenna / Wi-Fi Failure Product won’t connect to Wi-Fi?
We’ve got you covered.
Broken Dock Connector PortJiggling your power cord or holding it just to get a little charge? Covered!
Touchscreen FailureTouchscreen not functioning or
responding to your touch?
Won’t Power OnProduct won’t start. We have you covered!
Hard Drive CrashHard drive crash or will not "boot" up? No worries, it’s covered!
Wi-Fi Board FailureYour device won’t connect to Wi-Fi?
We’ve got you covered.
Loose Charging PortJiggling your power cord or holding it just to get a little charge? Yep, covered.
RAM Failures or ErrorsRAM Failure or errors causing blue/black screens to appear? We’ve got you covered.
LCD Burn OutIf the computer screen fading?
Speaker / Sound FailuresSpeaker not functioning? Low audio or no audio?
DVD/DVDR/CDR FailuresDVD/CDR not functioning? Covered.
Keyboard/Mouse or
Glidepad/Trackpoint Failure
Input device like keyboard or mouse not functional?
External ports
(Audio Out, USB, Monitor, etc)
Other ports not working?
Yep, covered.