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Is it true that Backed4Life offers me a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY on my Backed4Life products?

Yes, it’s 100% true. We offer you a free lifetime warranty on Backed4Life products, covering mechanical or electrical failures of your product during normal usage, as well as any other defects in materials and workmanship.

The warranty does not cover repair or replacement of the Product for normal wear and tear, accidental or intentional damage (such as damage from drops and liquid damage or abuse), theft, loss, cosmetic damage and/or other damage that does not affect unit functionality. However, we will be happy to repair such damage for an additional fee, if we can. The Warranty also does not cover accessories and parts that are meant to be replaced by the consumer, such as external batteries and ink cartridges, but does cover internal, non-removable batteries, such as iPod batteries, within the first 36 months of purchase.

How do I obtain warranty service on my Backed4Life products?

It’s simple. Fill out the warranty claim form at Our customer service agents will contact you with instructions on how to proceed with servicing your product. Please know you will need to pay to ship your product to us. If your product is covered under the warranty, we will repair or replace the unit and ship it back to you for free.

How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim is easy. Simply visit and complete the online claims submission. You will receive an email following your submission with instructions and shipping details. You are only responsible for covering the shipping costs to PlanITROI, and we guarantee we’ll have your Backed4Life™ product repaired or replaced within five business days or less after we’ve received it. And if for some reason we cannot repair it, we will send you a replacement device of equal to or better than the original configuration free of charge.

What is covered?

Backed4Life℠ Lifetime Warranty program has you covered against normal everyday use such as mechanical failures, hard drive crash, loose charging ports, RAM failures and more. What’s not covered? Things like drops, spills, unit was thrown out a window….but no worries, because we also offer data transfer services and can transfer your data and get you a great deal on a newer Backed4Life™ product.

See a complete list of coverage here.

What typical things are not covered?

Things like drops, spills, unit was thrown out a window, run over….but no worries, because we also offer data transfer services and can transfer your data and get you a great deal on a newer Backed4Life™ product.

Examples of what would not be covered are things such as software add-ons (Including but not limited to: changing the OS on the unit, Piracy issues, adding third party software that causes viruses), viruses, accidental damage (spills, cracked screens, stepped on, etc.)

See a complete list of coverage here.

Why do you need my credit card when I return my Backed4Life product for repairs under the Warranty?

We need your credit card so that we can send you your product back if it is not covered under the warranty (i.e., a software problem, liquid damage, etc.) or if the product is functioning properly (“No Trouble Found”). In order to provide you with our free lifetime Backed4Life™ warranty, we need to be sure that we are only receiving products that are covered under the warranty, and we have found that requiring credit card information is the best way to ensure this. If your product is not covered by the warranty, we will charge you the cost of return shipping and an administrative fee not to exceed $50.00.  However, we will always contact you prior to returning your out-of-warranty product, and if you do not want to pay to ship your product back, we will be happy to dispose of it for you in an environmentally conscious and friendly manner.

Can I opt-out of the warranty or from receiving marketing and promotional materials?

You can opt-out of the warranty if you have not made a claim for warranty service within 12 months. Otherwise, if you have made a warranty claim within that time period, you can opt-out by paying for the cost of your previous repairs or service.

You can opt-out of receiving our marketing and promotional materials at any time by writing

Who gets to send me marketing and promotional materials? Who are you giving my information to?

Only we will send you marketing and promotional materials using your information and we will NEVER sell your information to any other company for marketing or promotional purposes. We may, however, send you marketing and promotional information on behalf of our partners and affiliates.

You can opt-out of receiving our marketing and promotional materials at any time by writing

How do I contact Customer Service?

You can contact Customer Service toll-free at 1-866-701-LIFE (5433) Monday-Friday 8am-5pm ET. Inquiries can also be emailed to us at and we will respond within 2 business days.

Do I need to provide proof of purchase?

Yes. The online registration requires the order number provided by the reseller Partner and the 7 digit PlanIT ID found on the bottom or back of the product.

If my item breaks, where do I send it?

Customers must return to:
PlanITROI Backed4Life™
Attention: Customer Service
100-12 Ford Rd.
Denville, NJ 07834

Returns must include a return shipping label and the RMA number provide by Customer Service once you submit your claim. Remember, the RMA number should be included on the label. We will not be able to process the returned product without it.

Do I have to register my warranty?

Yes. You must register within 30 days to have your product protected under this exclusive free program.

What if my product isn’t covered under the Backed4Life warranty?

Your product may not be covered under the Backed4Life warranty if it is damaged from drops, liquid damage or other accidental or intentional damage that is not a defect in materials and workmanship. If so, we may be able to repair or replace your product for an additional fee. Please contact us for more information. However, if you send us your out-of-warranty product without authorization, you will be charged a fee and return shipping costs.

What happens if my Backed4Life product breaks and is covered by the warranty?

Depending on your product and the failure circumstances, we will either repair your product or provide you with a replacement product of equal or better features and functionality. Please note that if we replace your product, the replacement may be from a different manufacturer or a different model from the same manufacturer, but it will always be of equal or better features and functionality.

A free lifetime warranty?! Is there a catch?

In order to maintain your free lifetime warranty, all you need to do is register with us and allow us to send you marketing and promotional materials. Our products are of such high-quality, we doubt that you will need to use the warranty – and we certainly do not want you to forget about us! We will also send you information about other products and services that might be of interest to you. We do require that you keep your information current. That’s it!

What if I have other questions that aren’t covered here?

Please check out our Terms of Use, available at, Privacy Policy, available at and Backed4Life Warranty, available at for additional information and coverage.

You can also email us at